Microsoft Office and Excel: top tips and fast learning

Clean-up conversation

Clean-up conversation: As an email conversation goes to & fro it builds up in both the email messages and the history that is in each message. Remove this duplication using Home-Clean-up-Clean-up Conversation. This deletes messages that are recorded in the history too #Outlook

Applying heading styles

Applying heading styles: You can quickly make a heading in #Word by applying a Style to the paragraph. Ctrl+Alt+1 makes a main heading, Ctrl+Alt+2 a sub-heading and Ctrl+Alt+3 a sub-sub-heading. #Office365


F5 GOTO: Hit F5 to jump to a different cell in #Excel. The dialog box remembers previous cells you've jumped from. In #Word you can pick a particular page.

Excel dialogue box with list of previous cells to move to.

Select region

Select region: Want to select a block of cells in one go. Press Ctrl+* (or Ctrl+Shift+8). Don't forget that many commands like sorting or creating a table don't need the region to be highlighted first #Excel #Microsoft

QAT below ribbon

QAT below ribbon: The Quick Access Toolbar is the little row of icons at the top-left of #Excel #Word etc. Move it closer to your work by right-clicking it and selecting Show QAT below the Ribbon.

Ctrl + D to duplicate

Ctrl + D to duplicate: Want a copy of your shape in #PowerPoint? Ctrl+D duplicates the shape, which is a bit quicker that copy and paste.

Zoom selection in Excel

Zoom selection in Excel: Zoom to Selection is a great #Excel command. Fit your work to the screen by highlighting what you want and clicking View - Zoom to Selection. Excel will zoom so that the highlighted area fill the screen.

Excel in 100 Tweets 11: Using Autosum for Totals

Excel in 100 Tweets 11: Using Autosum for Totals - To total a column or row use Autosum. Click the button and it will guess which cells you want, press enter to confirm. If the guess is wrong, drag the mouse across the cells you want to Sum before Enter.

Excel in 100 Tweets 9: Simple Arithmetic

Excel in 100 Tweets 9: Simple Arithmetic - All calculations in #Excel start with = . Follow that with the calculation you want to do eg: A2+B4, so the cell's formula is =A2+B4. Other symbols - minus / divide * multiply.

Excel in 100 Tweets 5: Merge & Centre

Excel in 100 Tweets 5: Merge & Centre - If you've got a heading that needs to span several columns type it into the first column, highlight the range, right-click and choose merge and centre from the top-right of the mini-toolbar.

Excel in 100 Tweets 6: Formatting Numbers

Excel in 100 Tweets 6: Formatting Numbers - To get the text to look how you want, select the cells and right-click to show the mini-toolbar which has buttons to currency, %, comma separators and decimal places.