Microsoft Office and Excel: top tips and fast learning

Insert cut cells

‘Insert Cut Cells’ listed in the contextual menu.

Insert cut cells: Don't waste time inserting a blank row before pasting into it. Give the copy or cut command as usual and then right click to Insert Copied Cells #Excel #Office365

Insert multiple columns

Insert multiple columns: Want to insert more than one column in Excel? Highlight the number of columns you want. Right-click and choose Insert! Works for rows too, and in #Word & #PowerPoint.

Change case

Change case: Quickly change make your text upper case by highlighting and press Shift+F3. Keep pressing to cycle between UPPER, lower, Sentence and Title Case. #Microsoft #Word

Creating a task from an email

Creating a task from an email: Drag an email in #Outlook to your Tasks to create a Task for the message. A new Task opens with the same subject as the message and all the text from the body. You just have to choose a date and time to do it. #Office365

Search folders

Search folders: #Outlook's Search Folders list all messages of a type whereever they have been stored. Use to list anything Flagged, Unread or from a person so you can file them in different folders but see them all in one place

Quick Access Toolbar

Quick Access Toolbar: Make sure you make full use of the Quick Access Toolbar in #Microsoft #Office365. Click the drop-down and tick all the options in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Access and Project.

Example of the Quick Access toolbar.

F4 for absolutes

F4 for absolutes: Quickly include the $ in a cell reference by pressing the F4 key. Changes A1 to $A$1 in one tap. Keep pressing to cycle between A$1 $A1 and back to A1. #Excel #Microsoft

Type fractions

Type fractions: Want to display a proper fraction (eg 1/5) instead of a decimal in #Excel? Type 0 and space before your fraction and Excel will ignore the 0 so you get 1/5 displayed #Microsoft

ESC to cancel

ESC to cancel: Halfway through entering something in #Excel and you realise it's wrong? Press Esc to cancel the entry and start again. #Microsoft

F2 to edit

F2 to edit: Throughout #Windows you can use F2 to get into edit mode. EG highlight a file and press F2 instead of Rename. If a dialog box entry is highlighted, press F2 to show the cursor instead

Attach message first

Attach message first: To avoid sending the email before you've attached everything attach your files, write the message and address it last. #Outlook #Email