Microsoft Office and Excel: top tips and fast learning

Insert date in Word

Insert date in Word: Save time in #Microsoft #Office365 with keystrokes when your hands are on the keyboard anyway. Insert the date in Word by press Alt+N then D, select the format with the arrow keys then Enter to finish.

Tip topics

Alt + enter to make a line-break in a cell

A highlighted Excel cell with multi-line text.

Alt + enter to make a line-break in a cell: If you want to type separate lines of text in a cell in #Excel type Alt+Enter to put in a line break. For example you can type an address per the image.

Don't type start/finish dates in Project

Don't type start/finish dates in Project: If you use Microsoft Project we can tell you how to avoid using it like Excel. EG: Don't type start and finish dates but let project calculate them for you. See

Repetition is a valuable learning tool

Repetition is a valuable learning tool: We don't apologise for repeating these tweets - repetition is an important learning tool - how many times do you need to read it in order to remember it?

Create a table in OneNote

Create a table in OneNote: Creating a table in #OneNote is easy, type in your first content and the press tab to create a two column table. Press Tab again to add a column and press Enter to start a new row. #Microsoft

Windows favourites

Windows favourites: The Quick Access folders are your favourite folders in Windows and appear at the top of the folder list. Add a folder by right-clicking it and choosing Pin to Quick Access #Microsoft #Windows

Create an appointment quickly

Create an appointment quickly: Don't waste time clicking New Appointment in #Outlook just highlight the timeslot and type in the subject, press Enter and it's done! Press Enter a second time to open the appt for further edits. #Office365

Outlook favourites

Outlook favourites: Add folders to your Favorites in Outlook so they are quick to get to by right-clicking them and choose Add to Favorites. #Microsoft

Add to QAT

Add to QAT: The Quick Access Toolbar is the little row of icons at the top-left of #Excel #Word etc. Add icons to it by right-clicking the command on the ribbon and picking Add to Quick Access Toolbar.

Transpose in Excel

Cursor highlighting the Transpose option within the set of Paste Special options.

Transpose in Excel: Got column of stuff that you want in a row (or vice versa)? Copy it and then use Paste Special Transpose to paste it the other way #Microsoft #Office365

Insert cut cells

‘Insert Cut Cells’ listed in the contextual menu.

Insert cut cells: Don't waste time inserting a blank row before pasting into it. Give the copy or cut command as usual and then right click to Insert Copied Cells #Excel #Office365