Zoom for Delivering Online Training

We can help you use Zoom to deliver top-class training and/or coaching sessions over the internet. Zoom is the market-leading online meeting platform and provides all the tools you need to give your clients a great service. As experts in training and technology we can say:

  • Yes, we know how to deliver a training/coaching session
  • Yes, we understand the technology

In addition to the basics like Participants and Chat you will learn how to:

  • Share Multiple Screens at once
  • Pre-assign Breakout rooms
  • Get non-verbal feedback
  • Use the whiteboard
  • Use an IPad as a virtual flip-chart

And we cover some of the soft skills you’ll need too: - Visuals - Interaction methods - Voice Control - Plus a discussion about the hardware and other things that help

We do this in small, interactive groups in two 90-minute sessions plus a session where you practise with a mini-lesson to the group.

For details of pricing and the date of the next course, contact us now.

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