We help businesses maximise their return on IT

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A small group of workers in an office, content with their command of the IT tools they use.

Helping businesses to: work more efficiently, to increase performance, to maximise profitability, to work leaner, to become more immediate; whilst creating an efficient culture.

We help businesses to create a competitive edge by using their IT systems and software more efficiently, thus creating advantage in their worlds.

We are experienced with…

  • Microsoft 365 / Office 365
  • Online Training/Coaching
  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Custom ERP systems
  • Custom CRM systems
  • Microsoft CRM Dynamics
  • Microsoft SharePoint

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Split table at top of document + B66: If you've got a table at the top of your Word document, but you'd like some text above it just position the cursor at the beginning and press [Enter]. An empty line is inserted before the table. #Word #Microsoft

Video: Page Breaks Duration: 3 minutes, 46 seconds
Video: Welcoming people to a Zoom Meeting Duration: 4 minutes, 00 second

Scroll through ribbon tabs using mouse wheel: Try this in Microsoft Office - point at the command ribbon and roll the scroll wheel on your mouse. It scrolls through the tabs! #Word #Excel

Why choose us

Black Swan understands Information Technology (IT), but more importantly, we know how to make IT work effectively for your business.

Do you want your business to be more efficient? Do you want to increase performance to maximise profitability? Do you want your business to work leaner? Do you want to become more immediate whilst creating an efficient culture?

If the answer is YES, then we can help.

Black Swan helps businesses create a competitive edge by using information technology more efficiently thus creating advantage in their worlds.

For over 20 years Black Swan has provided businesses with sound, hands-on advice and support enabling those businesses to thrive and grow by making better use of their IT and software systems. We help businesses identify where they need business improvement, then create bespoke programs and packages to help business operators achieve those goals.

We make change

Black Swan is not just a training company, that’s the last piece of the IT jigsaw. We work with business owners and stakeholders, understanding how their businesses work, creating innovative software systems to help them improve by making better use of their information technology.

The Black Swan team is renowned for its ‘can do’ attitude and its innovative thinking, providing the appropriate levels of assistance required to ensure the client has the right solutions for their business.

Our vast business experience and depth of knowledge of what IT can do to solve operational problems can save both money and time and will be invaluable to any business that Black Swan works with.

We streamline

By showing your team better, quicker and more innovative ways of getting their jobs done, or by delivering automated systems that does it for them, Black Swan can make life changing differences in your business.

Our focus has always been on the specific operational challenges of the business, where we provide bespoke solutions that enables your people to get their jobs done, quicker, easier and more efficiently.

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